Athabasca Falls, Jasper



Athabasca Falls, 93A, IceFields Parkway, Canada, July 2014

5D Mk II, 16 -35 L II @ 16mm , ISO 100, 1.6 s , 3 G-S Singh Ray GND

Athabasca Falls is one of the numerous falls (& highlights) along the scenic IceFields Parkway, the iconic highway that connects Banff and Jasper. I am pretty satisfied with this shot where a lot of things came together. Till about two hours earlier, it wasn’t possible to stand where this photograph is taken from without being jostled around by swarming tourists, but I had the entire place to myself to very patiently compose and setup this shot.

Layers, Cascades, Washington

*mistical* Lake Maligne


stream, mountains




rain in distance, IceFields Parkway, Alberta, July 2014

the car on the road was chosen to help with the scale. the scene might look monochrome but this is a color picture. the mood is defined by the clouds and the rain in the distant mountain



St Helens


cloud, snow-clad peak, pink hues



Mount St Helens, Nov 2009

I can’t recall why this photograph was lying in the unprocessed bin for so long. I am guessing the criterion used to be different then (perhaps did not pass sharpness test then which doesn’t bother me now).

This was shot, on a really cold November evening , stopping the car on the side at St Helens National Monument

Bleak – II, moonrise



moon-rise by the hills, Nevada Landscapes, Dec ‘ 2012






Malheur Lake, OR , Dec ‘ 2012

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