sandstone passage !



Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ, May 2011

old picture, new look, new reprocessing. Beautiful location and photo-op, perhaps beaten to death. Being to beautiful and full of abstract possibilities makes it seem very easy to photograph, but on hind-sight it also makes it very challenging to get something working well, IMO





Franklin Falls, Nov 2014, Pacific North West

a week of unusually cold temperatures made some of the waterfalls around this part freeze. This was a very short hike at a very short driving distance from my backyard !

not camera shy !


little fella, in almost its first week of existence, took a fancy for my camera :)

Mountain, rocks, evening Light

Mountain Light, lake reflection


Mt Rainier reflection from Upper Tipsoo Lake, July 2014

7+ years in WA and first ever visit to this location. Better Late than never ?



Upper Tipsoo Lake Trail, Mt Rainier, July 2014

While waiting out for sunset at Tipsoo Lake, the pattern in the leaves made for a compelling image. processed (mostly for contrast) using the in-camera JPEG , Sony RX 100 (V1),  which is now increasingly becoming my travel companion. Note to self to enable the RAW Capture !

name identification of this plant species is welcome :)

The Last Supper



Last Supper, Rhyolite outside Death Valley, Nov 2012

‘The Last Supper, a collection of giant ghost-like figures garbed in white, are the work of several Belgian artists who traveled to Death Valley in 1984 to escape the confines of Europe and seek inspiration from the desert’


Athabasca Falls, Jasper



Athabasca Falls, 93A, IceFields Parkway, Canada, July 2014

5D Mk II, 16 -35 L II @ 16mm , ISO 100, 1.6 s , 3 G-S Singh Ray GND

Athabasca Falls is one of the numerous falls (& highlights) along the scenic IceFields Parkway, the iconic highway that connects Banff and Jasper. I am pretty satisfied with this shot where a lot of things came together. Till about two hours earlier, it wasn’t possible to stand where this photograph is taken from without being jostled around by swarming tourists, but I had the entire place to myself to very patiently compose and setup this shot.

Layers, Cascades, Washington

*mistical* Lake Maligne


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