Desert Rose

Claret Cup Cactus, CanyonLands N.P, May 2011

even the flowers of Moab emulate the colors of the Canyons and Rocks !

5 thoughts on “Desert Rose

  1. I like this one better, and I think it is because of the vibrant colours. The other version of this image is nice, the treatment is good and it suits the image but at the end everything is personal preference :) What lens did you use?

    • yes personal preference of course. My wife likes this one better and I’ve been told in very clear terms that this has to be printed, framed and hung in our home so this would be one of the few photos i would love to print big (once i learn and work on taking prints).

      I have used a 100 2.8 Macro Lens (non-IS) (at f/20 to try and bring everything in focus)

    • Its surprising how one minute i was shooting wide angled shots of mesas and the arches in canyonland (hike to false Kiva) when i accidently discovered these flowers and instantly swapped my lens to a macro. although these flowers are common that time of the year (May is probably spring) but the way it presented itself was very startling and and fascinating, almost as if it was placed just there for me to phograph.

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