storm over canyonlands

thunderstorms over Island-in-the-sky district of Canyonlands, False Kiva Hike, May 2011

this trail lived up to its promise: not on the official maps, difficult to find, treacherous and breathtaking view from the top (see the link below)

6 thoughts on “storm over canyonlands

  1. the cloud was what made me stop and take a photo and I am glad I did as the clouds formations disappeared within minutes (Storms build and disappear very fast in the canyon lands). the framing of branches is purely coincidental but I appreciate it now that you pointed :)

    False Kiva is one of the amazing Hikes in CanyonLands.I highly recommend it if you ever go there. Part of the thrill is in discovering the place as it is kept a secret :)

    Only bummer was that it was all grey skies by the time we reached the top

  2. Two parts really caught my attention here: 1) How well the the branches frame the mesa. It is called a mesa, right? 2) The intricate bulbous cloud formation at the center and left of the photo.

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