Arches Series: Mesa

Mesa Arch, CanyonLands Island-in-the-sky District, May 2011

Story behind photo: drove from Salt Lake City starting midnight with the plan to catch the sunrise in Arches (not finalized by then but most likely double arch). With about an hour left for sunrise  and still quite some distance to cover, Khris and I decided to take the other route – the road to CanyonLands – Mesa Arch. We reached our destination , alright and on time ( ~5 AM) and took the short 15 min hike to reach here. Surprisingly that was late by Mesa Arch standards and the post was already manned by about 4-5 folks who probably knew what we were now going to learn. Mesa Arch draws a lot of traffic and most folks aim to get this very particular sunrise shot, when the sun is exactly between the arch wall and the washer-woman, a phenomenon that lasts only a  few seconds to a minute or two. With only as much space available to put your tripods, only the first few folks (those who implant their tripod, reserved their spots in advance) get that. A bit of a disappointment and we moved away as Khris found something else to keep his camera busy. We came back about half an hour later when the post was deserted and this picture was taken!

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