Orb Weaver

Orb Weaver(Neoscona Arabesca), Bellevue Botanical Garden, Aug 2011

9 thoughts on “Orb Weaver

  1. The orb weavers and especially the harvest spiders that show up this time of year are some of my favorites. Always such interesting colorations and sizes, and the patternings of their webs are usually quite interesting. Beautiful capture and detail

    • Thanks Galen. This photo is a first spider macro for me and i was excited with what i got in the situation then…I can’t point my finger specifically(maybe it’s the flash) but there’s something bothering me and I don’t like this as much as I would have wanted to :)

      but I agree with everything else… it’s fascinating to see the fine patterns and details that spiders have…and to discover how intricate their web of world is :)

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