Coastal Landscapes#Ruby Beach Sea Stack

Ruby Beach (Olympic Coast, WA) at sunset, Late Aug 2011

sunset at Ruby beach was swift unlike some of the other sunsets I’ve been witness to.Within 15-20 minutes the whole place became dark and shrouded in fog.California (Highway 1, Big Sur) and Oregon folks (Highway 101) might be pampered but for WA there is this short 15-20 mile stretch of 101 that goes right by the pacific ocean with short hikes to the beaches (creatively named Beach 1, Beach 2, Beach 3, Beach 4, Beach 6 and Kalaloch , South and Ruby beach)

9 thoughts on “Coastal Landscapes#Ruby Beach Sea Stack

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  2. I like it – more interesting than a traditional composition which would have centered either the rock or the sunset. Makes me miss the northwest – where I used to live and go shooting now and then with Emily who commented above.

    • Thanks Mike… interestingly i havent been to the coast as often i should have been(in the past 4 years i’ve lived here maybe 3 or 4 times).. i guess we all fall victim to this : grass is greener on other side before checking our own backyards :)

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