Mt Shuksan Reflection in Picture Lake, Sep ’11

#2 of the series (see #1 here for a different version). Camped at Silver Fir campground (just about the right distance ~10 miles from Picture Lake to drive early morning) thanks to the folks who didnt show up on their reservation, for otherwise everything was booked in the vicinity.

This composition has less of the sky and more of the foreground. Pre-sunrise dawn colors can be truly amazing and if only you can force yourself to get out of warm bed (sleeping bag in this case). It’s a hit and miss though : a similar attempt at Rainier last year had been a dismal failure


11 thoughts on “PictureLake#2

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  4. WOW!! I’m really curious of how you did receive all those colors in the foreground and the amazing sky, mountains and so on, at the same time. Did you use bracketing with overlay after? Superb!

    • Thanks…I used a 3 stop GND Filter (check this out http://singhray.blogspot.com/search/label/ND%20Grad for a good read and examples) and exposed for the foreground. That did the trick. I had to do some local adjustment in LR but that was minimal.

      Bracketing 3 or 5 (or even more) and then blending them would also work here. I usually bracket them for the day I learn and apply this skill on all the brackets I have taken :)

    • Gracias Riazi..for stopping by and your appreciation.. I just checked out your blog (and have marked it for browsing later) and loved what i saw so far…

      enjoy your time in Argentina !!

    • Thanks Mike..

      although i do think wordpress and/or this monitor has muted some of the colors now that i am viewing it from my laptop. The colors had more punch before uploading .need to experiment a bit tomorrow

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