Noosack Falls

Noosack Falls, Mt Baker Highway, Sep’11

reaching here early morning (before sun got over the thick forest cover) meant that I would get a long exposure readily. I still found the use of a 8 stop ND Filter to further increase the exposure time that gives the moving part of the water a dreamy effect (and not everybody likes it).

I liked how the top portion and the lower portion of water act like two vastly different worlds, in both their varied colors and dynamism.

15 thoughts on “Noosack Falls

    • haha…yeah I won’t recommend swimming either. there were no lifeguards around :)

      Thanks for dropping by and caring to comment. Hope to see you around !

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    • ND stands for neutral density.8 stops refers to 8 units of light. the short of it (behind all this technical jargon that i will come to later) is that a ND filter is nothing but a piece of black glass (sometimes even plastic)that cuts some of the light reaching your sensor (or film) – that’s all it is :)

      how its used is perhaps more interesting.In brigt light you can not take an exposure less than a certain shutter speed(because their is so much light around) but there are creative cases when you would want to take exposures of a few seconds (to a few minutes) and that is where ND filters are useful. It is primarily a landscape photographer tool but can easily be used for Street photography too.Use your favorite search engine for examples :)

      this blog has some more stories :

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