Coastal Landscapes:sea stack at Ruby#2

Stacks at Ruby Beach, WA, Aug 2011

debated a bit between choosing the color and bnw versions.Bnw misses on the gorgeous colors in the sky and the tide but renders the scene more dramatic IMHO. also this version handles the huge dynamic range better (bnw shadows are more acceptable for human eyes than color ?). Don’t agree ? too dark for your taste ?

check out a different scene, taken about 15 mins earlier (slightly more light in sky) in color here


8 thoughts on “Coastal Landscapes:sea stack at Ruby#2

  1. Think I prefer this version (although I love both).This one is more atmospheric. The details in the foregroud is lovely and the lone photographer adds interest without being distracting.

    • the photographer is a bit hard to spot (especially if the monitor calibration is different and bit more darker) but I am glad you found him :)

      also spot on with the atmospheric observation…the sky was much more dramatic and ominous ! interestingly tide was lower and sea further away, in this version whereas I thought it was the other way around initially !

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  3. I like it in black and white. Stripping the color makes you notice shapes and reflections and light and shadow. Pares down the photo, so you see the beauty without the distraction of color. Very dramatic, as you say. Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks for looking and sharing your viewpoint..completely agree in that taking away one dimension(color) can sometimes make us look at other dimensions (otherwise overlooked) in a picture

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