the meeting point !

McWay Falls, Highway 1, Big Sur 2010

I was very exited when I read about a waterfall falling directly into the Pacific Ocean and went to check out McWay Falls on Highway 1 when i was in Big Sur last year. Apparently the waterfall poured directly into the ocean until a massive fire,landslide and highway reconstruction project a few decades ago created a sandy beach several dozen feet out.

McWay Falls is considered to be the most popular image of Big Sur, a stretch that has photo-op’s at every turn. I reached here in slightly overcast condition early morning. The Light doesn’t reach here early morning and I would assume that it would during sunset. Anyways so the relative low light enabled me to take a few long exposures. Check out a different version of the waves making a water paintings.

12 thoughts on “the meeting point !

    • they do look icy now that i look very carefully :)
      goes to show that detaching oneself from what you already know and looking with fresh eyes always help .. thanks for your comment !

    • thank you for your appreciation and all the best on your venture…
      I am assuming you will be carrying your ND Filter and this way have more control on the effect you want. . Have fun :)

    • Thank you for your kind words…the ocean and the colors changed throughout the day here(especially on the west coast of the US) and when you get some , you lose some. mornings meant that the color of water was saturated but the waterfall and the rocks were in shadows.I think afternoon would see the slanting rays of the sunset and would make for a very different lighting.

      something I am hoping I would explore in a future trip :)

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