Fall Reflections

Fall Foliage Reflections, Snake River, OxBow, Oct 2009

This post is inspired by the Reflections series I saw here . With Fall around the corner (at least in this part of the world), I look back at a photo I took two years ago( it was the 1st week of October) during a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. My friend Rama and I drove from Seattle and some friends flew from California and Oregon to SLC and then drove from there. The trip itself was postponed several times from its proposed timeframe of Labor Day to the first week of October. Most of my friends wanted to do YelowStone before Teton, but I successfully ‘influenced’ them to do otherwise :)

I still remember that pre sunrise at OxBow Bend. The rental car showed 20F when I reached and my hands nearly froze on touching the metal of the tripod. I took a couple of photos before sunrise but I did not shoot Reflections then and I regret it. The water was not so calm later and hence the reflections were rendered abstract.

It later turned out to be a gorgeous day with bright sunshine and we saw some amazing fall colored Vistas at the OxBow Bend and the Tetons but that was the last we saw of the Sun. The weather turned foul later that evening and threatened the rest of the trip. Yellowstone was a cloudy snowy experience subsequently but yet a very memorable one !

If you liked what you saw, you should check out the Reflections series at Mufidah’s blog (link above) for a whole project on this idea !

17 thoughts on “Fall Reflections

  1. This one’s a great abstract!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, glad you liked my work. Keep visiting! :)

    Btw – how did you find my blog? I’m trying to figure out what’s the most popular way for people to get there.

    • Thanks Sonali. I loved your work (portraits specifically) and I will keep an eye out for your future posts .

      I found your blog through tag surfer, specifically ‘Photography’ tag on your latest post(I think it was the parking lot mirror). I am probably not the best person to give you this advice as I am relatively newbie myself. WordPress has a couple of good articles on the ‘how to’ that I would recommend. From my personal experience, using appropriate (and global) tags, publicizing on Facebook (or your favorite social media of choice). For example did you know that you could simultaneously publish your post to your fb (or other accounts) profile when you post your Posts here ? (I didn’t for a while).

      The other usual suspects – commenting, Linking, Following blogs of similar interest has the cascading effects of more people getting a chance to see your work. Last but not the least – Quality Content is king  (but I guess that should be the easy part for you have great work).

      All the Best and HTH.

    • Thank you ! I had a few fall reflections lying around from this trip but i looked at them with fresh eyes inspired by your series.I liked your series very much.It tells a story !

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