candid, neighbour kid, India

So this boy along with his sister  dropped by while I was staying at a friend’s place during my India Trip last year. We (my friend and I) were amazed at the kids confidence. They were complete strangers and yet they just walked into the open door of our home , were inquisitive, talked about themselves, asked a lot of questions and then later were willing subjects when I wanted to try some natural light portraits. I liked the way the afternoon sunlight was falling on this boy’s face and the expression in his eyes.

This photo should convey just how much at ease and home he was, having just finished eating an ice cream from my friends Refrigerator. Kids these days, I tell you ….

8 thoughts on “eyez

  1. I really like this shot for the reasons you mentioned–the sunlight hitting is face is just wonderful and his eyes/expression and the way he’s sitting is just so relaxed and natural. A great photo!

  2. Lovely portrait and gorgeous eyes! Natural light is ideal for portraits, if possible. Intrigued by YouTube bike ride video – can you let me know the link? Sorry if it’s already on here and I’ve missed it.

    • Thank you Mufidah. Portraiture is one aspect that I haven’t explored much (that sound way cooler than saying I am not good at it ;) . No but seriously I prefer landscape and nature photography but i would like to do more portraits going ahead – both natural light and whereever needed with artificial light in more controlled manner. Btw I saw some of your flickr albums and they were very impresssive. I hope to revisit later when I have some more time at hand.

      The video link is on my ‘About’ page. You should be able to find it. If you don’t for whatever reason, let me know and I will paste a direct Link here. But you are hereby prewarned – the quality is terrible , those days i didnt know or care much about composition, color (or quality) :)

    • Thanks David.Glad you liked the trip video :) If i had to do the video today or even retake the photos it would be a very different one i can promise you.

      But it was a lot of fun and will perhaps remain etched in my memory forever – most of the photos in that trip was taken one hand on the camera shutter and one on the bike: drive by shooting if you may ;)

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