shattered window

DownTown Vancouver BC (Wp7 phone pic)

I was walking up and down Burrard St to kill time while my wife was checking out the Zara store on Robson Street. She had earlier succeeded in convincing me that crossing the US Canada Border and the 3 hr. drive from Seattle was all worth it if the destination was ZARA. All I can say is it’s a great relief that they have a store in Canada or the next store is a cool 12 hours drive to San Francisco :)

So I did not want to lug around my camera bag and used my Windows 7 Phone to capture this as it was shining bright in the afternoon sun. There was more drama to follow while returning back we were stopped at Border and our car was inspected (for booze I think). Apparently the guy at the border found it really weird that we crossed the border and returned back within 3 hours without buying anything or without any logical purpose in general. So this photo and a nice Shawarma lunch were the only thing we had to show for our otherwise dissapointing trip!

8 thoughts on “shattered window

  1. I really love this photo. The window with all those different colored panes are gorgeous (and hark back to an earlier time), then the color, lines and texture of the wall are just wonderful. Truly nice photo. Sorry about the border trip though. Pain in the butt sometimes.

    • Thanks Katie.yeah the colors made for an interesting visual and i am pretty happy with the output of the phone. I couldnt control the exposure but other than being a little too bright because of the sunlight it came out fine

  2. Border crossing can be interesting for sure. We once got pulled over for only spending 22 minutes in Canada. I wanted a case of beer that is not carried in the US. Had to pay duty of 5.00.

    • Yeah it was all murphy’s law that day – I had changed lanes a few cars before the crossing only to see the other lane go atleast 2x faster :) . I have a feeling I wouldnt have been stopped if I had kept to my lane.

      I’ve crossed the US Canda border twice and the first one was a breeze.I also loved the entry to canada – 1 minute and 3 short questions in total- the fastest ever border crossing in my life !

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