Mt Shuksan Reflection, Picture Lake Oct’ 2011

was hoping for more fall colors to show up in this version of Shuksan reflection. This was taking during the dying moments of the sun going down. It began as a very cold morning but gradually turned out to be a sunny day and hence attracted a lot more crowd than during my previous trip last month , so much so that it was hard to avoid having people and their cars in the photo. I reached before sunrise but it was not as spectacular as what I witnessed last time (lack of clouds perhaps) so I did not feel motivated to take out my camera. Overnight freezing temperatures had created some interesting frost patterns on the foliage that interested me more. I have a few macros that I will hopefuly post soon. You might want to check out the dawn and early-morning versions (if you haven’t before) to see how they compare with this and which one do you like more.

This picture cost me 250$ literally. Had a pebble chip on my windshield while driving back and had to replace it !

17 thoughts on “PictureLake#3

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  2. Okay, so I looked at all three before commenting and I have to say I like them all in different ways. I particularly like the last moments of the sun illuminating the top of the mountain in this one.

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