autumn colors and the freeze from overnight, Picture Lake, Oct’ 2011

this shot was taken just around sunrise when the overnight freezing temperatures have created beautiful icicles. Dense foliage meant finding a relatively clean background was going to be a challenge. I could also not put my tripod without disturbing the leaves (which I didn’t want to) and hence this result is not optimum. The macro lens is unforgiving in terms of trying to keep everything in focus and I do plan to explore this theme a bit more as early morning frost is going to stay around for a while in this part of the world. The colors might not !

10 thoughts on “frozen

    • Glad you liked it and thanks for your comment.The ice patterns were brilliant but not apparent to the naked eye..also the early morning warmth(sun was just out) had just about begin to take its toll and the ice beginning to melt. A smooth background (even a pice of paper , if i could use my tripod) and focus stacking will probably render a more pleasing version

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