defying gravity

Droplet closeup, Picture Lake, Oct’ 2011

debated internally  between choosing the color or mono version and decided to go with this one that strips color in favor of the shapes. The color version had a pleasing background but the light was a bit too harsh  and burned some of the areas.

Technical note: focussing was done manually by moving self+lens backwards and forwards rather than using the focussing ring.

14 thoughts on “defying gravity

    • pretty glad with the outcome here…early morning frost melting just after sunrise presented the subject easily. precise focusing was the only bit that required some effort…back hurting effort :)

  1. Wow. Not sure what to say about this, it’s mesmerizing. The big droplet and reflection on it is amazing. Not sure what you mean by your focusing. Well, I do, but wondering how you do it and keep certain parts so sharp. Nicely done.

    • Glad you liked it Steven.Macro Lens at max aperture ,and the angle of plane helped with selective focus here !

      so I have found focussing with macro lens can be a bit of strain especially if u dont have a tripod (or cant use one in given scene).I find that my hands are not that steady and even breathing effects the focussing. using focus ring can be killing on the back as well as breathing so i use a different strategy: use the fixed minimal focal distance (1 feet) and then move forwards or backwards to focus. I should perhaps find a link or something that explains this better. Hope that exxplains better if this is what wasn’t clear earlier.

      • and macro is one area where equipment probably does matter.. I have used MP-E 65 before (rented, not what was used here) and it goes 5x magnification…at that level precise focussing takes an entirely new meaning !

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