dragon eyez

closeup details of the eye of a dragonfly, PictureLake, Oct’2011

It took me about 15-20 attempts to finally get the eyes in focus and that’s a huge improvement from my previous attempt to get the butterfly’seyes . Dragon flies are hard to photograph as (unlike a butterfly) they will not let you approach that close and are constantly in motion or so I thought from my previous few futile attempts. Having said that, there are times and scenarios when you can approach them and take pictures easily. Cold mornings when their wings are still frozen with frost overnight, biological transformations are some scenarios when you could. Or when they are dead. I had a suspicion that this was dead too but around half an hour later it moved its head, just once though. I don’t know why it didn’t move for so long but I am not the one complaining :)


21 thoughts on “dragon eyez

    • I think a photographer by definition itself is patient , its just the we all choose different subjects to reserve our patience for..waiting patiently for the morning light or the post sunset lights is also patience :)

    • yes, it is amazing to see these details on the big screen later (or LCD zoomed view) and the eyes usually have the most interesting details. Sometimes I get too obsessed with them only to realize later that there might be more to it than the eyes that i should have captured :)

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