old friends #2

Candid, FatehPur Siki, India 2009

Another candid photo I took during my trip to FatehPur Sikri and processed using the ‘Bleach ByPass‘ retaining the color unlike the previous monochrome post. It was a hot afternoon and I found the way these two folks were sitting relaxed and chatting very interesting.

21 thoughts on “old friends #2

    • Thanks Alicia. I have experimented only recently (last week or so) with a digital simulation of ‘Bleach Bypass’ process and have found mixed results. It works well really for some portraits, but not so well with landscapes. Did you ever work on the ‘Bleach Bypass’ during your dark room processing days ?

  1. This is a beautiful photograph! I love the composition, colours, the expressions on the men’s faces — especially the guy on the left. Having looked at the monochrome version, which I like, I do think this one has the edge — I like that there’s more space around them with this less tight crop, plus the colour version has blue tinges to the white fabric, making it more interesting.

    • Glad you liked it Mufidah. I am not a naturally confident people photographer and this being a touristy place, the crowd and familiarity with camera being around and of course the distance(telephoto lens) allowed me to take a few photos without making it obvious.natural expressions almost always beats a posed one.

    • Thanks Karl. I stopped by your blog and was very impressed with what i saw. I am sure I will revisit it again to go through in detail. Scotland is one of my dream destinations to visit some day :)

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