Fog,Log at Tidal Pool

Ruby Beach, Olympic Park, WA Sep’ 2011

the Olympic coast here in pacific North West is often shrouded in fog and mist early in the morning and this photo taken during a weekend camping trip in early September on one such morning. There was very faint but filtered light coming through the mist and it bathed the shore and the water in a delightful light. I took this photo with my cellphone which I find increasingly useful in quick framing and taking quick snapshots and using the output to make decisions on whether I should take out my camera. On this particular result, I think I wish I had taken out the camera from the bag and bracketed a few shots.

14 thoughts on “Fog,Log at Tidal Pool

  1. Incredible what we can capture with a cell phone! I love to use mine but I sometimes struggle with composing the image through the tiny viewfinder. You’ve done really well here. There is definitely a mysterious feel n the image. Like it!

    • Thank you Alicia.cell phones have their place, just like large format is relevant even today(on other extreme). at the risk of repeating myself, the fact that its always available (notwithstanding when it hasnt run out or close to running out of battery :) is its biggest strength. It can also be used as a creative tool (similar to the toy cameras for their specific looks) and there are a few popular names that come to my mind (Chase Jarvis ?).

      btw the cellphone i used here had a live preview :)

  2. I am still not fully used to the idea of going out (or taking out my camera) during the not-so-good weather conditions but whenever I have,I have observed that I tend to like the moody results more than the good weather ones. this is just another example. Glad you liked it

    and you should post the morning mist photo whenever u get a chance

  3. I like the foggy image, but as you say it would have been interesting to use your camera and see what the results were. That said, it’s a great shot for a cellphone. Funny thing is, I was considering posting a photograph yesterday of the morning mist over Lewes, but changed my mind in favour of the Water Under the Bridge post!

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