Desert Rose#2

Claret Cup Cactus, CanyonLands N.P, May 2011

spiny desert flower that blooms in the spring, this is a color toned down version with selective focus as a variant on the everything-in-focus attempt here with full color fidelity. Bleach Bypass processed in LR.

12 thoughts on “Desert Rose#2

  1. we have a similar cactus here and it is blooming right now, it´s beautiful!!!!, to answer your comment on Glaciar Perito Moreno, to recha it you have to fly from Buenos Aires to Calafate or drive, it´s about 3000 km southwards, saludos marlis

    • I bet you would, given you are in the spring season. flowers in the deserts in general appeal a lot more , partly because you don’t expect them to grow and survive in the relative harshness.

      wow, that’s a lot of distance to cover to reach there, but looks all well worthy of it.Muchas gracias :)

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