Mt Shuksan Reflection, Picture Lake, Oct’ 2011

This was shot at mid-day in late October at Picture Lake (click here for Morning, Dawn, Dusk versions). These are part of a series of photos that are taken at different times of the day from (almost) the same vantage point but owing to two separate trips about a month apart in September & October, with varied conditions as well. I was hoping for more fall colors to be evident in Late October looks like that will have to wait for some time in the future.

Had enough of Picture Lake already ? I empathize with you but can’t promise if we are done with this series :)

17 thoughts on “PictureLake#4

  1. Your blog is full of amazing photos. I absolutely love this one. I can only imagine seeing it in person. One thing I want to do more of in the future. I love the outdoors. Gorgeous image! It has a purity to it.

    • I am glad this image moved you and all the best in doing more outdoor stuff in the near future !

      I will drop by your blog to check out your work soon and sorry again for the late response as I was OOF travelling, and haven’t been updating my blog but I hope to see you around (hopefully I get back to updating more regularly)

    • glad you see that (triangulation) but to be fair it is a well marked view point so all u have to do is be there (and sometimes wait in line for the folks before you to finish and ocassionally politely ask them to move on)

    • There is a duck that is known to ruin the reflections everytime there are photographers around or so I read. That duck was found missing during my two trips so I guess i should say i got lucky :)

  2. Lovely photograph Abu, and a good series, so more pictures welcome! It’s always really interesting to see the same subject photographed at different times of the day, weather conditions, vantage points, etc.

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