water on the rocks!

Rock on edge of water OR ‘water on the rocks’ (depending on how you see it), Noosack Falls, Mt Baker Highway, 2011

Long exposure of water is a concept I’ve tried a couple of times before with mixed results. My analysis of those times when it has failed had one thing in common. even though the flow of water had the dreamy effect, there was usually no center of interest. While visiting Noosack Fall I wanted to focus on some of the rocks which had been carved into beautiful shapes by the force and fury of the water flowing at a considerable speed.

technical note: I have used a polarizer here which cut’s down some of the glare reflections and also enhances the colors. I would have also used a ND Filter but with the water  being in a shade I could shoot with a couple of seconds of exposure (tripod was handy) and hence avoided stacking 2 filters together.

16 thoughts on “water on the rocks!

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    • Hey that part is easy. if and when you have some cash to spare, buy yourself a ND filter (or just try for a multi second exposure on an overcast day)and see how much time you start spending on waterfalls and other flowing water bodies then :)

      Thanks for dropping by and your comment !

    • Thanks David, this rock definitely had a lot of interesting things going for it and I am glad I could isolate it. Ideally would have loved a more rectangular framing (rather than kind of square one here) but there were a few distracting elements both on right (tree branches) and left (other smaller rocks) that were best cropped !

    • Thank you! I have not used an ND Filter here although I had it read in my hand but decided against using it. The water was in a shade from the trees and the meter reading was showing me an exposure of a couple of seconds at f/16, which i thought was reasonable.Also I wanted to use the polarizer (to eliminate some of the distracting reflections) and using two filters stacked does have an adverse impact on the quality.

    • Thank you Mufidah. I am reasonably happy with the details i got out of the rock and especially cutting down the glare and reflections (not elimated entirely though). As for sharpening, i did some post process sharpening.

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