water on the rocks#2

Noosack River, Mt Baker Drive, Oct’ 2011

The rocks, shaped by the flowing water have some very interesting shapes  and colors and I would have loved to isolate and photograph the white rock on the left of the frame in particular. The flowing water was protected by direct light through the shades of tree growth , which helped avoid distracting reflections and I’ve used a polarizer to cut some of the reflections on this one again, but as you can see it didn’t help much. The result is some reflective ripples and a bit of blur !

23 thoughts on “water on the rocks#2

    • Thank you Brandon. glad you liked the composition as it is.

      I like a few things about this myself but my position wasnt very flexible (was on a bridge and there was no way to go down closer) and given a choice i would have liked to move myself a little to left and isolate the white rock and torquise water.

  1. Beautiful colors and textures. The rocks underwater provide an air of mystery. At first glance I though those were koi, so I had to look more closely. And yes, I like when a photo catches my eye and make more explore.

    • why I am not surprised that this is the 3rd comment that finds some connection with a fish (koi ?). No but seriously i am surprised

      Glad that this intrigued you !

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    • Thanks David. I’ve been experimenting with ND filters and water for quite a while now so i have a fairly good idea of what doesnt work through lots of examples :)

  3. I like the colours in this image, Abu. The shutter speed is just about right. If you could have waited for a little fish to swim upstream, between the rocks, it would been almost perfect. Well … everyone sees the world from a slightly different perspective, don’t they?

    I am reminded of a cave image.

    • Thanks Mike. I promise, the next time i plan to go, I will find all about the fish habitat and time my visit :) to get your requested shot. btw this water becomes a steep waterfall after running a few metres and that makes me curious now: what do fishes do when they encounter such falls (especially falls that are really high). Do they risk losing a limb or two ? I’ve seen salmons jumping upstream (on tv), just dont remember watching the reverse.

      and i am intrigued that you see a cave image in this but i am pretty sure it has something to do with your imagination or a past experience !

      • I hope you don’t have to wait too long to get the shot for me, Abu, and I hope the weather is good when you do it.

        When fish encounter a waterfall, Abu, they back peddle down it; in aviation terms: they apply reverse thrust on the way down.

        It’s the colours that evoke a cave feeling, Abu.

  4. The colours are wonderful and the uncertainty about which rocks are under water and which rocks, or parts of them, are above water requires close study. Still not certain about the upper left one.

    • that is a very interesting observation. I think the unneven surface, flow, un-uniform light and the fact that lens is angled (I took this, standing on a bridge looking down and towards the left) might be some reasons why u are seeing what you observed.

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