water on the rocks#3

Noosack River, Mt Baker Drive, Oct’ 2011

continuing on the theme that explores the static with the flow, the rocks with the movement and color of water, the shapes carved by the flow and of the flow. I began with a tight crop of the rocks in mind, but not having enough reach in the available lenses , I was forced to include the water, which wasn’t such a bad thing after all. A polarizer was used here to cut down on some of the reflections and glare and enhance the color of already deep and saturated colors of the river. There is a bit of sharpening (over ?) applied in post processing.

16 thoughts on “water on the rocks#3

    • ah I see that now. the triangulation was coincidental but I am glad you saw it and found it to be pleasing. also good to hear that the sharpening does not look overdone to you.

    • ‘the 3 dimensional quality’, you mention are the words i was looking for to describe how the rocks felt to me when i first saw them. Thank you for dropping by and the nice comment !

  1. That’s not the correct attitude, Abu. You have to approach the challenge with confidence. I know that you will succeed. Find the fish and then compose the image. :)

    • I am not shying from the challenge, just give me some time (a couple of months, a year ? ) just don’t want to raise your expectation too high because their are practical difficulties .at the risk of these sounding like excuses to you here’s two reasons why :

      a) this place is about 3 hrs drive from where i live,which limits the number of trips back and forth i can undertake.
      b) a relatively long exposure required here means that I have to spot a fish and press the shutter before it enters the frame. that will require some serious patience and spotting technique.

    • Mike, these (3 photos in series) are all from the same trip taken about a month ago. My promise still holds but that’s for the next time i visit. I am not sure I will be successful though.

      btw your comment was serious i think but it made me laugh :)

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