water on the rocks#4

Rocks , Noosack River, Mt Baker Driver, Oct’ 2011

this is less of water and more of rocks , so the title might be a bit misleading but this goes along with the theme so hence the title. I wanted to highlight the shapes and the colors especially in this version. Would have loved to have less glare on the rock (centre) as it distracts me a bit.

Mike, there is no fish here either before you go searching for one :)

12 thoughts on “water on the rocks#4

    • thank you again for stopping by…interesting that this reminds you of summer, i would think (that stones being wet) would be more synonymous with rains !

      i was indeed drawn by the colors (and shapes)

    • The trick worked then :)

      but seriously the rocks had lot of details.I wish i had a longer lens.the currents were too fast and a big warning board discouraged to go any closer than my bridge vantage point

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