perfect landing

Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) , Launceston, Tasmania April 2008

In the autumn (southern hemisphere) of 2008, I went on a 3 week road trip to Tasmania (actually just the eastern coast to be precise, from Devonport to Hobart, driving estimates on Bing/Google maps between the two cities shows ~3 hrs) wherein we drove all along the coast, exploring small towns and a lot of National Parks. Another interesting trivia about this trip was that I had got my Driving License just a few months back (in the US) but did not have a car yet so this was the first time I drove in real traffic on real roads (discounting the learning lessons and driving at nights before) .It all started on the wrong foot (or should i say the ‘right’ side of the road which happens to be the wrong side, down under) but luckily that mistake wasn’t repeated again .That the traffic on the roads in Tasmania was next to nothing helped my cause too. Tasmania was also the first camping experience for me and happened by chance. While having breakfast on day1 in the bread and breakfast place we had stayed the first night, we saw an ad somebody posted for selling his camping gear and bought it for very cheap. We camped for every other day of the trip subsequently.

this shot above, was my first real exercise in shooting moving objects, having bought my first camera (used canon XTi) a few months ago and mostly used to take photos of flowers and landscapes by then. This was a park in Launceston and a group of Pelicans were practicing their landing gears on a lake. I got to try multiple takes and after mostly disappointing blurs this one came out decent.

23 thoughts on “perfect landing

    • Thank you iltana. Glad you like it. photographing birds does require a different set of techniques (plus travelling to be where they want to be, plus the lenses are ridiculously costly and renting is the way out). I do not have a lot of these photos to show for after 3 years , just maybe two or three three BIF (bird in flight).

    • Thank you Mufidah. It was almost a monochrome in its original exposure because the color of the water wasn’t exposed well(i was exposing for the pelican) so to avoid distractions, B&W . I am glad you noticed the texture in water !

  1. A wonderful bird is a pelican,
    it’s beak can hold more than his belly can.
    He can hold in his beak enough food for a week,
    but I damned if I know how the helican.

    Lovely pelican image, Abu.

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