nature’s palette

Textures and Shapes in a Tree Bark, Centennial Park, Sydney

While transiting through Sydney, i met a friend from college after almost 10 years. We went out for a walk in the park near his house and while returning he pointed me to this tree that he said he always wanted to photograph but somehow never did.

I used a medium telephoto to zoom into the details of the bark which appealed to me with its texture, patterns and hues.

28 thoughts on “nature’s palette

  1. Australia is a very special place. You have captured and portrayed the character of this wonderful tree very nicely. Well done! This is my first visit to your site, and I’m looking forward to more in-depth sessions.

  2. This is way cool!! Love the colors and textures! I would not have known it is tree bark had you not told us…I thought it was worn walkway stones from weather and people walking over the centuries. Super job!

    • I should probably have left out the mundane details which allows viewers to look deeper and use their imagination, sometimes even come up with a mental image of something totally different.I realize i am not very imaginative when it comes to giving titles. It is downright dumb to name a photo ‘bark of a tree’ when it is obvious looking at it :)

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