earth art

unidentified, Las Vegas, Nov 2011

Honestly I don’t yet know what it is that we are looking at here :) but this is what i saw looking down as the plane started its descent towards the Las Vegas airport. I grabbed this (and a couple more) shot with my cell phone  (WP 7.5). I have a feww guesses at this point of time but nothing concrete. If you know better let me know :)

29 thoughts on “earth art

  1. If you have have lived down south you would know that this is a river which has wound it’s way through clay earth. The south west has some of the most clay rich soil in the US. When rivers are sparse with water, you will find that you have a more visual into what the bottom of the river contains.
    You would see this also with the Rio Grande in August, September. It’s clay is not as red.
    Just an FYI.

    • There are some very cool earth art and abstractions visible from high above in sky that i discovered as part of searching for mine. I’ve yet to figure out what exactly this might be, but Nevada in general is a desert so there are a few possibilities. I will update more when I know more.

    • Thanks Alicia. their was a bit more detail in original that was easy giveaway (read updated description with more information) that i cropped to have a bit of mystery. It was more fun that way :)

    • i’ve seen tired eyes looking like that, so it was a good guess Mike but no, this is taken from a flight looking down.Updated the description of post with more data

  2. My first thought was that ‘I’ve never seen rivers that colour before!’ My second thought was that it was an image of blood vessles but I don’t think they’ve invented mobile phones that can take microscopic images… not yet anyway! ;-)

    • That was a very close guess. it is indeed a view from the top near when the plane was about to land in Vegas, Nevada. I don’t exactly know what it is yet, but hopefully will figure out :)

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