Earth & Sky

Park Avenue section, Arches N.P, Moab, May 2011

Forces of nature over thousands and millions of years have created some amazing landscapes and Arches National Park in Moab, Utah is one such strikingly amazing place with eroded sandstone formations including many beautiful arches. It is both a geologist’s and a photographer’s paradise. There are infinite photo opportunities and you are only limited by your imagination (and unfortunately time). I just returned back from a second visit this year and while I dig into my cache here’s a pick from the earlier trip to Moab. The clouds and the color of the sky contrasts against the fiery orange of the sandstone.

Some of the other rock formations can be viewed here and here

23 thoughts on “Earth & Sky

  1. I sure miss Utah! I was working there for one year around 1990. Great area! Thanks for reminding me about that time period and for the many nice trips to Arches, Zion, offroad biking the Moab Slick Rock Trail, etc.

    • I am pretty sure Utah would have left some deep memories with you and I hope you get to revisit it some day.
      I will be posting my photos of Utah every now and then over the next few years so that would be one way to revive those memories (a poor substitute nontheless) :)

  2. Great photo! Utah is a beautiful state!…the national parks in southern Utah, and the mountains and ski resorts in northern Utah. I hope you were able to visit nearby Canyonlands National Park which is another spectacular place…and also the unusual formations in Goblin Valley.

    • funny u should mention Goblin Valley…I just spent an evening there last week and regretted not having spent more time. On hindsight if I had to do my trip again, I would have spent at least 2 days in GV and 2 days in Valley of Fire State Park Nevada, both of these are amazing miniature versions of all the rock formations found otherwise in southern Utah/Nevada/Arizona region without the huge crowd that some of the National Parks attracts.

      I have been to the CanyonLands & Dead Horse Point in May but couldnt spend a lot of time in either. It is marked for a future trip. Having made 3 trips to this region overall(the 1st one was in 2008 to Zion and Bryce) I’ve come to the conclusion that it will take me many years to even cover ground and I am talking Southern Utah only :)

      • Each park is so different with it’s own characteristics. I just love it there. We were at Arches in September a few years ago and got a rare photo of just my husband and I next to Delicate Arch – and no one else was in the photo! If you do return to Canyonlands, I hope you’ll be able to hike some of the trails. We spent a few days just in Canyonlands. It is such an amazing place! We have visited may of the Southern Utah parks, but yet to visit Zions. We’re planning a road trip there hopefully next year. I also want to make a trek to Monument Valley further south into Arizona someday.

        • I am with you. each part is unique and yet on one level they have a lot in common. I visited Mesa Arch, drove around Island-in-the-sky and did the False Kiva hike in the may trip earlier this year. Have you done that trail yet ? (I have a few photos of canyonlands here if u look it up).I also visited the petroglyphs at NewsPaper Rock. I plan to cover the needles and hopefully the maze district someday when I revisit with a 4 wheel drive and with more time in my bag.

          Zion would need a chapter or two in itself if you had to write a book on the Canyon Lands of Utah but to truly appreciate it, means doing the hikes. Once u are done with these, there’s the Coyote Buttes, Vermillion Cliffs, Grand Escalante, Antelope Canyon and infinite other lesser known regions that rival and sometimes even better their well known cousins. I am so bitten by the Utah bug :)

          All the best for your trip next year to Monument Valley and if you can squeeze in some time, do drop by the Valley of Gods about 10 mins drive from MV. It has free camping if you are into camping,

    • This is a land of vast expansive landscape and there are limitations to photography (especially non-pano wide angled attempts). This framing made sense after i took a few horizontal frames and didnt find it noteworthy. Glad u liked it Mufidah

    • Glad u liked it Nandini. The rocks in moab are amazing all through the year.What makes for an interesting package as a whole is matching it with an appropriate sky, cloud or ocassionally snow with it

  3. Now this is an image that can make a person thirsty, Abu.

    I like the pastel colours and the majestic nature of the framing. Some people might get the impression of being hemmed in, and some people might find the image daunting.

    I think this is textbook landscape.

    • It is an unusual perspective but one that I particularly liked for this scene – as it puts the emphasis on one of the most important element here : the sky. I do end up taking quite a few vertical framing (and pano) when shooting in Utah.

      Glad you liked it and thank you for your comment Mike.

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