Goblins at Sunset

Goblin Valley Sunset, Utah , ThanksGiving 2011

Goblin Valley is a short distance from its more famous Big Brothers(Arches, CanyonLands). It is a very photogenic place and Sunset is ‘show time’ for the goblins as they light up to a fiery red (and pink). Some say that Goblins come alive after sunset so wander around here at your own risk :)

180 thoughts on “Goblins at Sunset

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  2. Wow! I visited the US many years ago and camped in Utah as well. I love the great parks out there. Hubby is a geologist so he loves places like these.

    • That is a good time to be in Utah and I can assure you will have a great time there. Depending on how much time you have and what your interests are, there will always be plenty of options to choose from !

  3. What a crazy place, I wonder what people in ancient times made of this, what legends they devised to explain how these shapes came to be? Great Photo, this is one of the reasons I love hunting through blogs, you sometimes discover the most amazing sights – I never knew this place existed.

    • the native people regarded the Hoodos in Bryce canyons to be people who through a magic spell were turned to stone.That was Bryce but you can imagine some similar stories for the Goblins in the State Park. There are many amazing places that we are not aware of (and probably never will) and I am glad you found one by turning up on my blog :)

      Thank you for your comment Malcolm.

    • Glad u like them Jonas. I primarily use 5D MkII along with a couple of lenses (canon). I also have a xTI Rebel and sometimes use my phone (HTC HD 7). I will put up an equipment page soon but in the meantime if u’ve any specific questions feel free to email me.

      I checked your blog and will keep visiting to see more of your stuff. Thanks for dropping by

  4. This used to be a paradice back before the goblins squandered all their resources.
    The great gufoo – god of the goblins kept sending more rain – only to learn his subjects
    only wanted to sell it to the giants, feeling fed up and under appriciated, he turned them
    all to stone, their cities have crumbled but the goblins remain as a warning to those who
    (much like this story.) can’t hold water.

    Great photograph. :)

      • Thanks Mufidah. Yeah i was surprised at the sudden burst in increased viewership yesterday until somebody mentioned FP which then explained everything. While there are no fixed rules I was under the impression that content specific blogs (more text than photos) probably made for better candidates for being FP than photo specific blogs (like mine) but that’s been proven wrong

  5. Absolutely beautiful shot of one of my favorite places! You really captured the “red planet-ness” of it. Thanks so much for posting.

  6. Fantastic photo. We were there in September – quite lovely. This was the movie set for Galaxy Quest, a Star Trek spoof starring Tim Allen.

  7. Really evocative! At first glance, I thought it was the Australian desert Gosh…! Ab Fab! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • there is a lot of natural beauty and hopefully sanity will prevail in trying to preserve these now and for future generations (not just in US but every where). Mark, while I understand the pain it takes to visit some of the remote places , on the flip side, if they were easily accessible they lose a bit of their charm and in extreme cases become subject to vandalism .

      Thank you for dropping by and showing your appreciation !

    • Steve, I am glad this post helped you to know about GV and I hope you visit it soon and enjoy it as much as i did. I checked out some of your flower portraits and i loved them. I will return back very soon I promise as soon as I can make some time to see more !

  8. Woah! That picture is beautiful! I wonder if maybe there are some goblins that live underground all of time then come out at night! Mysteries like that just fascinate me for some reason! I always just want to read on and on and on about distant planets and galaxies seen by only telescopes! Whats in a black hole? I dunno!

    • those are some interesting thoughts :)

      I don’t know about the BH but you can certainly try camping out a night or two here in GV and hopefully find some answers ;) j/k

  9. Magnificent! These colors and tones, light and shadow – capturing it requires being in the right place at the right time, having your equipment ready, plus another thousand and one possible variables. It is all the more impressive when you think about the actual probabilities! Your imagery is exquisite and the post (along with many others you have made) is more than deserving of the ‘freshly pressed’ status! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

    • hey, thank you for your kind words and appreciation and yes there are a lot of factors involved in getting a good photo but in this case, it was just the matter of showing up and not packing up after the sun went down. I was almost leaving and had got out from the valley when I saw this scene and colors playing out.

  10. As Earth turns, the Sun seems to drop toward the western horizon. As the Sun appears lower in the sky, its light passes through more of Earth’s atmosphere. Particles in the atmosphere scatter the light, producing a red or orange glow at sunset.Great Post :)

    • All the best and if i may suggest,choose spring or autumn if your schedule permits. You will beat the crowds and the ~100 (F) temperatures. One summer might not suffice either but definitely a good beginning :)

    • I have to agree that this part of Utah has many secret (probably not many secrets left now) places to explore and is very rewarding. Being lucky in terms of being at the right place right time doesnt harm either.

    • I agree. I’ve recently ventured into short fiction after concentrating on poetry (and blogging) for many years. I also take the odd photograph myself. So I really enjoy and appreciate photographs that can be read. Not everyone can do it, especially with landscapes, but Abu Zar has pulled it off. I can read half a dozen stories, at least, in the photo as well as appreciate it as a beautiful image.

  11. I agree..wonderful photography and outstanding scenery. I was out in Utah several years ago with a motorcoach tour and Utah has some of the most fascinating scenery ever. I loved it! I hope to one day go back and explore more of it. Good job!

  12. Awesome photo. I wish I had been there right next to you while you were taking it. I’ll have to put this on my list of places to go. Thank you for bringing this marvelous place to us.

    • I live in Washington state which in itself is very diverse and beautiful but Utah holds a special place in my heart from whatever little I’ve seen so far(and I have a lot to see yet :)

      Thank you for dropping by and your comments

    • it was a beautiful evening and one of the best Thanksgiving ever. glad you liked it and thanks for letting me know about being FP. this is indeed a wonderful surprise ! *Thank you Word Press*

  13. There you go! Awesome capture at sunset. It is such a fascinating place, and seems to be one of the lesser visited parks. I almost posted one of my GV photos around Halloween, but I wasn’t very happy with the lighting in the photo. Yours is great!

    • its truly an amazing place and if you are a photographer, this is a wonderful place to practice all those ideas around composing images. I also loved the fact that they allow wandering among the Goblins. Lighting can be tricky once the sun is out beating and before it goes down but I am sure they make for interesting subjects all times of the day. I will post a few more as and when I go through them.

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