walking among the Goblins

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, Thanksgiving 2011

eroded sandstone transformed into gnomes rock formations made for an interesting subject to practise my wide angled shots. The clouds in the sky were looking very promising and provided a good backdrop. As my wife was wandering around I saw potential in adding a human element in the surreal and otherwordly landscape . She wilfully agreed to pose for the frame and having both the versions to compare – with and without her – I chose this.

22 thoughts on “walking among the Goblins

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    • I will keep that in mind Mike.speaking of which the goblins or for that matter all the sandstone based arches and canyons in this region are transitory..sooner or later they are bound to collapse one day

    • Thanks Mufidah. sometimes it is indeed unavoidable (or difficult as u mentioned) but luckily I chose a winter day and more so the Thanksgiving day to be here, which meant the crowds were thin and I had the place more or less to myself , something very difficult to achieve during the summer months.

      • It seems to work just right here, her colours fit in beautifully- a quiet spark of green, and her happening to have her head down make a gorgeously human contrast to the surreal landscape. Good one : )

        • that is a very sharp observation and a very apt one. it can very well be viewed as relative human insignificance compared to permanence of nature !

          and I will just ignore that you said her pants are green as I have been corrected many times.It is a very complex color (that i can’t recall right now)and you better not refer to as green.Even after a few years of dealing with colors in photography, my wife things I am color ignorant :)

    • Thank you David. I’ve often debated between choosing a landscape photograph with or without people in them. In some parts of the world or places it would be almost impossible to avoid having people in your frame.

      in this case my wife not only agreed to be in the frame but also put on her actor shoes as if it was accidental :)

    • erosion of sandstone and rocks over thousands and millions of years through a very complex process have a hand in creating these shapes and textures..there is also a theory that there was an inland ocean in this whole area..very fascinating !

      thank you for dropping by and commenting !

    • adding people does help with relative scale although this is a wide angle shot which can give deceptive sense of scale but yes the rocks (goblins) were big, some double the size of an average person.

      Thank you for checking out my blog Rosie !

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