girl in red

Living Room Lights (no additional Flash), 2011

Taking a break from the landscapes (and there will be many of those following after) here’s one attempt at portraiture of my wife as the willing model. Other than white balance adjustment (tungsten bulbs overhead), not much processing was done on this one. One of these days I really want to experiment with Lights (flash) but just haven’t been able to get the time (and equipment, to be rented) to do so. Till then, I’ve to rely on what the 135 f/2 turns up with and it does surprise me every now and then. Because of narrow depth of field and the tilt of the face, the eyes and hairs have gone slightly off focus.

21 thoughts on “girl in red

  1. Beautiful portrait, the pose is very dramtic, no doubt helped by the lighting. I really like this one.
    I have only really started to make efforts with this kind of work and so far it has been a fun experiment. Great work. More please!

    • Thank you Brendan. I like your work very much from whatever I’ve seen so far so coming from you it is a big compliment .I’ve not done a whole lot of portraits so far and I’ve been told that I take too much time to get the settings right(that frustates the subject :)

      but the results, if they turn out good, is very appealing so that hopefully will drive me to continue experimenting with portraits. We will see how it goes and in the meantime I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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