ocean by moonlight

before dawn, Big Sur, California 2010

bnw conversion processed using demo version of Silver Effex Pro with some grain added for effect. Sorry if the border distracts. I’ve had a love hate (and love again , and hate again) kind of relationship with border effects and this was during one of those phases !

8 thoughts on “ocean by moonlight

  1. I was out at the weekend when the crescent moon was just a tiny sliver and I would have liked to have photographed it, but without a tripod it would have been impossible! Anyway, you’ve captured the moon really well, I like the minimal nature of the image and the light emanating from the moon.

    • Glad you liked it Mufidah. I think over processing has rendered some color cast that i could observe more clearly on one of my monitors after I viewed this yesterday. I am not surprised given that my processing skills are constantly evolving :) I will have to revisit it again soon. But as you said I like the minimalism and the subject.

      The first time i tried to photograph the moon, i was surprised at the exposure it needed.You will be surprised you can very well capture it handheld but that’s if u just want the moon. Moonscape (if i could refer to a landscape in moonlight),would probably need a tripod and on top of it, it would most likely need some kind of exposure blending as well but the results would be very rewarding.I remember waking up early during a winter night in Tetons and having accidently stopped by a lake which had the moonlight reflecting. It was a cold night and the water surface was nearly frozen. The scene and the dream lighting is etched in my memory forever.I did not even try to photograph it then.

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