road to unknown

Namadgi National Park, Canberra, Dec 2010

I’ve been part of numerous road trips over the last few years, across many stretches of remarkable (and sometimes not so remarkable, lonely and otherwise desolate) roads. Inspite of witnessing so many memorable roads I don’t have a lot of photos to show for it. Only recently have I began to consciously stop and document this aspect of my travels.

I photographed this road in Namadgi National Park, Australia, just after a passing storm. While it isn’t the most dramatic or interesting road pictures, it is one of the first I’ve stopped for and photographed. It is a beginning to what I hope becomes a long-term Project that documents roads as an important element of this visual journey.

22 thoughts on “road to unknown

  1. I’ve never actually done the toy effect thing. I have an old russian medium format lens on a tilt adapter. This is my fave of my tilt shots.
    It can do so much! I must put it back on my camera for a while.

    • I checked out Chris Friel’s work. He mixes quite a few things and yes , there is a distinct use of selective focus (in camera or in-lens to be more precise) in his work. Thank you for the reference !

  2. Love it… may I use it in a post of mine? I will link fact to you and of course credit you for the image. Hope to hear from you!

    • That is such an honour especially coming from you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs (whatever I have so far) and the relevant and pertinent issues you talked about (eaten by shark,what is good photograph to name some ) and ‘ve been meaning to dig deep someday. Perhaps I will do so later today.

      once again your kindness is much appreciated !

    • Thanks Mufidah. I was experimenting with the tilt function on a TS-E lens. they are really creative knobs.The only minor gripe I have is the eyes (and road) lead to nowhere in particular :) and hence the title.

    • I love them too Mike especially of the memories they bring back of some of the amazing roads I’ve been on. As i mentioned before I wish i could only document it more often ! Thanks for liking it

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