smoking rock !

Devils Garden area, Arches N.P, ThanksGiving 2011

some of those names that ancient people (native Indians for example) gave to places (and people) were based on the characteristics of a place and how they observed them. if I were an Indian I would have named this as smoking rock . Let me actually take that liberty and name this, as I am an Indian too (not the one Columbus discovered)  ;)

16 thoughts on “smoking rock !

    • Thank you AJ ! It’s still a hit and miss case when it comes to coming up with titles so I am glad this came out well…

      on the ‘good eye’, my optometrist might not agree with you ! :p

    • there wasn’t much skill required to capture the blueness. Just point it towards the sky :)

      it is always good to have blue skies (and sunny days) in November, something of a rarity in where I live :)

    • I am usually title challenged in that I spend a lot more time on thinking and finalizing a title than the actual blog content so it is a bit of a relief and excitement when a title works once in a while ! Glad u liked it !

    • I am pretty sure it has a name but i will pretend it didn’t until i named it :) . The colors in the sky (and especially the clouds) made my camera very happy that day. I will be posting more of my rockscapes from that day soon ..

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