landscape arch

Landscape Arch, Arches N.P, Thanksgiving 2011

So you made it to Arches National Park and you’ve managed to beat the crowds by choosing winter to visit. Yet the biggest decisions (especially as a photographer) are yet to be made. With so many interesting rock formations and landscape possibilities to choose from (further complicated by choosing which ones to do at sunrise,or  sunset or in some cases – slot canyons would be a prime example – at mid-day) substantial planning and research is required.I happened to have read quite a bit about this area and also had the experience of a previous visit in May earlier this year and yet I found myself missing out on a few and making a few non optimal choices. Not in the case of Landscape Arch though !

Landscape Arch is a morning candidate and in my previous trip I made the mistake of going at around sunset. Two things happened: one, it was a big disappointment with the arch in shadows already and second, it killed critical time that should have rather been used to hike the Delicate Arch resulting in missed the sunset at Delicate Arch (which mind you takes quite a bit of time to hike if you are doing it the first time). Not this time though. We did not quite make it at sunrise(long story, short of it was that it was a gorgeous sunrise alright but getting here there were plenty of intermediate distractions ) but the post sunrise morning angled light did just fine.

12 thoughts on “landscape arch

    • Thanks Mufidah ! with landscapes I’ve realized that multiple iterations helps improve upon previous attempts(assuming the elements co-operate). This region (desert country in American West) is also so vast that you anyways need a lot more revisits :)

  1. Almost made it to this area a few years ago but never got across the border-love the formations and the combination of blue and orange hues. Someday I may get to see it for myself.Like the POV here.

    • Thanks Jane. There was a chip off the arch a few years ago and so this is as far as you can approach the arch. They have fenced off people from going further. I shot this from the closest i could get.

      Btw I am curious what you refer to as Border here ? Did u mean the US-canada border ?

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