the survivor#3

Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains, California, May 2009

The blue skies visible in this photograph did not last long and my trip was cut short by a storm (rain and a bit of snow later). The Bristlecone Pine trees found here at very high elevations and is a survival story. Some claim it to be the oldest surviving living inhabitant. Two black and white renditions of this area from the same trip are documented in my earlier blog posts here and here. The latter was selected to be published in a Photo Book Contest.

18 thoughts on “the survivor#3

    • They are indeed amazing. I still remember when I first saw their photos (probably in a book by David Muench) and just wanted to go there..right then ! I did go in 2009 after a long drive. I don’t know when and how the next trip materializes but those almost dead trees are so alive of beautiful compositions :)

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your words behind !

  1. I love the perspective of this shot, the angles, the way the clouds almost mirror the branches of the dead tree. I love the tree being dead because there’s a real beauty in dead trees. In short, a lovely shot Abu :-)

    • Glad you see it that way. Thank you Mufidah!

      btw i am not an expert on this subject but from what i read and saw, most of these ancient bristlecone trees might appear seemingly dead but are actually alive :). This one though looks probably dead.

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