stone details,Valley of Fire

Sandstone details, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada , Thanksgiving 2011

If  rocks (patterns, colors, textures) are your things, Valley of Fires State Park, has plenty of them to keep you interested .It is ~55 miles from Las Vegas and gets a strong recommendation (from me) especially if you happen to be in the vicinity of Vegas. As for me,the only reason i go to Vegas is to rent a car at  the airport and get away as soon as I can. The only stop I might do is to stop by a grocery store and stock up on water before driving to the beautiful landscape that awaits and Utah (Arizona and Nevada as well ) has plenty of them to soothe your visual senses for days and weeks.

Unfortunately I could only spend one day here and immediately realized that I need to revisit and spend more time . There are just so many interesting rock formations. Here’s a video  and some photos that will tease you :)

35 thoughts on “stone details,Valley of Fire

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    • Thanks David. I realize that going to these wonderful parks in Utah does inspire me more than usual. Once you have sufficient self-motivation and focus , making and finding pictures in your own surroundings comes easy but till then, I use travel as an excuse :)

  2. Beautiful structures you have captured. And great colours so subtle and muted. Particularly the contrast between the warm and cool tones enhances the expression. The rock formation does indeed look like ripples in water. Well done!

    • yes the ripples is what caught my attention to begin with. I am not a geologist but I can theorize that it probably had its origin in ripply waves, except those waves were of molten lava :)

    • It is and I was also surprised at its relative low profile , but that’s understandable for a region which has the Grand Canyon, CanyonLands, Arches – all made famous through so many photographs and movies now.

    • Glad you like it Alicia. This complement, coming from somebody whose work I admire a lot , means a lot to me. Thanks !

      there were many many closeup and details opportunities and I am sure you would love photographing here (or even witnessing it)

    • You will not be dissapointed Katie, i can assure you ! I drove 300 miles from vegas (to Arches) but if knew what I was going to see in VoF, i might have saved myself a lot of gas and time :)

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful! I love admiring how wonderful looking nature could be sometimes. It is incredible. I will be sure to visit Valley of Fire State Park someday for sure. Even though I live faaaaaarrrrrr away from there. Hopefully one day I will be able to. Thank you for sharing!

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