tree and clouds, Namadgi

Yankee Hat Hike, Canberra,  Jan 2011

hike in Namadgi National Park, Canberra on a beautiful day . here’s a different version in all summer glory

technical note: tilting effect applied through TS-E (24 mm) lens helped achieve the selective focal plane

25 thoughts on “tree and clouds, Namadgi

  1. Bravo!. I like the fact that you’ve used a lens that is mostly used for architecture shots; you got a very interesting dreamy type image. For a moment I thought you used a lens baby until I read the technical info you’ve provided.

    • Thanks Alicia. it is a very creative lens (in the right hand) especially given the different parameters you can vary simultaneously. I think the biggest challenge (that i am faced with) is the imagination part: figuring when to use this lens and to what effect :)

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