petroglyph pullout, morning light

Petroglyph Pullout, Capitol Reef National Park, Thanksgiving 2011

early morning sunlight kissing the peaks of Wingate Sandstone cliff in Capitol Reef National Park (on Utah Hwy 24).  This pullout is more famous for the petroglyphs (rock art) on the wall and given the tight time deadline I had to work within, this was one of the very few car stops i could afford while driving back from Arches during Thanksgiving Utah trip.

24 thoughts on “petroglyph pullout, morning light

    • UT 24 W was the route we took to return to vegas which passes through Capitol Reef.
      with Bryce, Zion, Arches canyonlands among many other high profile names, I can see why this park is overlooked.

    • Thanks Mufidah. I had stopped for the petroglyphs (which were on the rock face to the right of the frame above and hence were in shadows then) and just as i was about to pack and leave, i saw the light at the top of the cliff :)

    • it was a beautiful (but cold) morning and you are right. i just happened to be here and see the sunlight peek through on the top of the rock face. serendipitous moment !

    • Thanks Kathryn.I am glad you appreciate these landscapes. I have only scratched the surface yet. many a people have been influenced by it so much that they have kept coming back years after years (David Muench).You should definitely plan a visit to this part of the world whenever possible. Till then, hopefully, i will be sharing out a few vistas here and there !

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