rock sculpture

Goblin Valley State Park, Thanksgiving 2011

Goblin valley is a showcase of geologic history and  has beautiful (grotesque is also a word used sometimes to describe them :)) stone sculptures that are composed of sediments from ancient seas, shorelines, river channels and playas. It is a wonderful place to photograph, and I had a busy afternoon session working  on compositions and later colors. This photograph is a closeup of one of the hoodoos, with the dark swirling clouds in backdrop. I liked both the color version and the converted black and white version (above) but chose the one that had more drama. clouds add depth to any image and especially in a black and white photograph, the stark contrast of deep black sky to bright white clouds is a strong effect !

Here’s a sunset and a late-afternoon versions from previous blog posts, during the same trip.

20 thoughts on “rock sculpture

    • Thanks Brandon. Depth was really one of the ideas explored here. The color was good at this time of the day but I had explored that in a few previous posts and so I wanted to see how monochrome compares.

  1. Quite a stunning sculpture. There is almost something apocalyptic over the picture, the dark tones or the threatening sky maybe. What really makes the picture for me is the wonderful dynamics in the sky. Great work. Merry Christmas to you!

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