girl in Red#2

photo shoot, Downtown Seattle, Summer 2011

As 2011 comes to conclusion and I reflect back upon what worked for me and what didn’t and what is missing, I have made myself a promise to do more portraits and street style work in 2012. It does not mean that I will give up on landscapes, which is something I enjoy doing the most, It just means that I want to explore portraits and people/street work more.

I did some reflection on why I am not as motivated and excited with portraits and street photos as much as I am with landscapes.The weight and size of the DSLR (the heavy bag with lenses on my shoulder and the tripod which i use quite often) definitely doesn’t help the cause. It is also intimidating and intrusive on potential subjects. A smaller form factor might help here. But then again, just like most other genre, the equipment is never the main limiting factor, it’s the user themselves. I am not yet fully comfortable with the idea of getting into people’s faces and in this line of work, shedding inhibitions is a critical factor. It will be a challenge but then what is life without a bit of challenge now and then.

as for this photo, I had no trouble finding the very willing model and with the crowd looking elsewhere (local parade on road), I found a good contrasting background to work with.

technical details: the very cheap plastic 50 mm(nifty fifty)used here along with a flash

14 thoughts on “girl in Red#2

  1. A great image Abu, and, as Katie says, your wife really looks good in red. I feel the same about portraiture, certainly in ‘street’ situations. I was out on Boxing Day watching the hunt leave from in front of our apartment, and I only took my compact Canon with me as I feel kind of squeamish about getting as up close and personal as some photographers were doing with their huge intimidating lenses! In the end I actually got a couple of okay images, but really do wish I’d had more courage to take my DSLR and point it more directly at some of those on horses. (It’s a strange thing, the hunt, although I don’t think they’re chasing foxes any more, but nevertheless an odd spectacle.)

    Hope you and your wife (and family) enjoyed the holidays — Happy New Year and here’s to a good 2012!

  2. This is terrific Abu! She has an air of confidence that you captured really well. I am much more comfortable with subjects that don’t speak but I am getting way better. I have found that by just being yourself and forgetting that you are holding this intimidating object called a camera really helps put folks at ease. Just have fun and your subjects will also…and it will reflect that in your photos!

    • Thank you David. My wife thinks i am not at all fun when i have my camera in hand so what seems so trivial would be my biggest challenge :)
      but i am guessing, it can’t get any worse (or can it ?) and the only way from here is up :)

  3. Beautiful photo, very striking woman, confident, too, I would say. We only stand in the way of our own creativity. Cast aside your doubts, by the look of things you are already on your way to great portrait/street photography. Good luck!

  4. Lovely image! Like the contrast with all the people looking somewhere else. Carrying a heavy bag of equipment all day will definitely give you a sore back, I know that for a fact!. But we do what we love doing and sometimes we pay a price for that. Looking forward to seeing more portrait images in the new year. All the best for 2012!!

    • Thanks Alicia. Hauling gear to improve perfection is definitely a price I am willing to continue paying. I just think it needs a bit of adjustment and being smart in choosing when to do so and when not.walking the streets is an example which requires having something compact with no weight to drag down. That can make the whole experience a pleasure as well.

      We will see how it goes.Thank you and wishing you a very productive and fun 2012 as well !

  5. I like this image. She looks great in red too. I love that you’re pushing yourself. I need to do more of that also. And doing more portraiture would be a real challenge for me also, as I generally shoot things that aren’t breathing. :) Great post here, and I wish you all the best in 2012!

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