sleepy heads

commute, Delhi Metro, Jan 2012

wonderful beginning to the new year with a trip back home soaking in the chaos that is India. The trip presents an opportunity to focus on something I’ve been hoping to do more – street scenes. I am enjoying a full day of internet access and free time today to post this but this is a luxury atleast for the next few weeks and hence the frequency of my posts, my responses to your posts and to your comments will take a hit as well. It will resume back to normal in February hopefully.

The start has been promising. This is a candid shot of a couple who seemed to have had a busy tiring day at work. I was told later that photos were not allowed in the Delhi Metro :)

15 thoughts on “sleepy heads

    • Well they didn’t get a lot of rest on the train for sure as they had to get up and leave, minutes after this photo was taken.Btw I am not sure if I would have heeded to that warning (photo ban. they certainly didn’t ban cameras, as my camera passed through their X-ray with no objection). Some rules don’t make any sense. I mean how can you prevent people from taking photos with their cell phones ?

      Thanks Mufidah. It has been a lot of fun so far even though the progress on my ‘blending in the crowd’ and sleuthing skills hasn’t met a lot of success yet :)

    • Thanks Nandini. hope you are enjoying the snow and making the best use of it :)

      commute will always present some interesting moments and emotions…and i see myself revisiting this theme time and again !

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