Indian ring-necked Parakeet, Ranchi Jan 2012

every morning a cacophonous bunch of parakeets do the rounds and wake me up (that is if the constant honking of traffic on the roads haven’t yet). I grabbed the only lens I could find that had a bit of reach (200mm on FF) and captured this. My wife thinks that this bird has personality and I agree with her :)

Over the last few years, I have had many opportunities to get up close and personal with Parakeets. Here’s some of those I have managed to photograph.

17 thoughts on “ring-necked

    • Thanks Mike. I have taken a few more since that day as the parakeets have a habit of returning to the same branches. Hopefully i will get one of it in flight before my vacation ends

  1. Hey, I have seen these multiple times (of course). Great shot, Abu! Beautiful. I can see the blurred second parrot too. I loved this. :)

    • Glad u liked it Nandini. I am sure u must have seen them and adored their acts before – they are ubiquitous in this part of the world, aren’t they ?
      and yes there were a few more parakeets sitting on the branches behind and you correctly spot the second one in the blurred background :)

    • Thanks Alicia. Indeed a very pensive and gorgeous bird !

      f/4 (from memory) to help achieve a decent shutter speed helped with the limited depth of field. I had some leeway to work with these parameters as these birds kept flitting around for a while. This was the closest it got to my window.

  2. Thanks for posting this Abu. It brings back fond memories of my first day ever in India. We were staying for a couple of nights in Delhi and I remembering enjoying watching, what seemed like, hundreds of small green parakeets flying from tree to tree around the lawn at the front of the hotel. Wonderfull!

    • I am glad this brings back good memories for you :)

      parrots (especially this species) seems to be very well adapted to urban life and dwellings. they are a noisy bunch but fun to watch for hours ! I am indeed lucky to have a view just outside my room

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