Faces on the Street – Rajputana smile

Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan, Jan 2012

Posed Candid of who seems to be a an ex-soldier still in love with his uniform in Jaisalmer Fort. I have Just returned back from a trip to India and brought back lots of memories and memory cards. The silence and lack of updates over the last few weeks was also because of this reason. I should be back on my usual posting frequency in a few days as go over my photos over the the next few days and weeks

one of my goals on this trip was to try more portraits and street work and I think it was an interesting challenge and took me a while to get to a working strategy for candids and in case of posed portraits, muster up courage to walk up to people and ask their permission. As for this specific photograph, we happened to be asking for directions from this man and at the end I popped the question. He seemed more than happy as is probably reflected in the result.

10 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – Rajputana smile

    • Thanks David – the Rajputs indeed have a proud history.

      I have a lot of catching up to do and that includes going through the blogs i follow including yours :)

    • Thanks Fergie. interesting learning over the past few weeks – the most important work when it comes to portrait happens much before the camera is drawn or the shutter has been clicked

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