King of the road

Chandni Chowk, Delhi, Jan 2012

The story behind the ‘title’ requires a bit of context. Royal Enfield, a British Legacy, is a cult brand of motorcycles in India and its owners are a proud bunch. I have fond memories of having bought my first Bike , a 350 cc beauty – the ThunderBird. Enfield ‘bullets’ are beautiful machine, and even today have a sizeable fan following. Not suited for commute and driving on the crowded roads of India means it is ignored by most people looking for something more practical but the real pleasure is in long drives (on hopefully better road conditions). I’ve had the pleasure of a few rides of my own (there is a link to one such video(warning: crappy quality) on my about page, if you want to check out).

This photo is my tribute to this Bike and its riders :)

6 thoughts on “King of the road

    • That part of Delhi is very fascinating..full of life and interesting faces and stories .. unfortunately by the time i discovered this , my return flight was due within a few hours !

  1. A great photo. I know how India became the last home of Royal Enfield Bullets.

    I’ve had two rides on Royal Enfield bikes. The first was a 250cc Crusader Sports, when I was probably 16 years old (about 1959). With its ‘clip on’ drop handlebars, this felt like the real deal at that age. The second experience was a little later in life, probably mid ’60s and that was on a highly tuned 700cc Constellation. That terrified me as the performance of that bike was far better than its handling. The owner was a Royal Enfield fanatic, who was well known at the factory. I was prompted to acquire a factory tuned 700cc Constellation engine for a Hill Climb car that I was hoping to build. Sadly, life overtook me and the car was never finished. The engine was eventually sold to a member of the Berkley Owners Club for his car.

    • I checked out both these Bikes and both of them are ‘beauties’. I am sure you had fun riding those especially at the sweet age of 16. Seattle weather and for lack for a better description, ‘mundane life taking over’ means I no longer drive a bike but always crave when I see something as beautiful as a Bullet.

      Thanks for sharing your story and glad to hear from an ‘ex-bulleteer’ :)

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