Faces on the Street – Camel Driver

Camel Driver, Khuri, Jan 2012

First time on the ‘ship of the desert’, aka camel was an interesting experience. If only i knew, I would have put on something other than jeans while getting on it :) The first 2-3 minutes ‘in the air’ on the camel back felt weird and uncomfortable but once you relax and get used to the idea, its  a joy ride, at least for the short duration of a camel ride that we undertook. Opinions differ when people take longer rides.

My camel driver had a magnificent saffron turban and I was tempted to leave it in color just for the turban, but for the textures and the tones in black in white on his sun-beaten face.


here’s the version with a more wide angle /normal perspective. Portraits with a bit of their environment and surrounding appeal a bit more , but in this case, it being a desert , there is not much in the background, so I am not sure. What do you think ?

35 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – Camel Driver

    • Thank you Mufidah. I really appreciate your taking the time to go through my posts. I guess you liked the portraits more than the others, which is what I enjoyed photographing the most in my last trip !

  1. Nice image. I think that the way in which it is displayed would influence which version I prefer. If it was printed in a very large format, sat 3 feet by 2 feet or so, and displayed in a place where I could stand back or step up close, I would prefer the uncropped version. But – as I am viewing it now, on my little iPhone – I really enjoy the close-cropped version. I sure would like to see the color version, too! Great portrait! ~Kyle

    • that is a great point and I think you have explained it very well. There was something about the wide-angled (#2) perspective that forced me not to ignore it. I think i can verbalize that thought , thanks to you :)

      As for the color version, if you don’t mind, I will email that version offline as I believe it might dilute this post and wont go with the BW theme either. Thanks once again for dropping by and I hope you visit again.

  2. Oh my, absolutely the close up! There is so much in that face that it gets a bit lost in the uncropped version. But then the isolation of where he is may add to those lines and expression. Hmmm, still I prefer the cropped vision. Great face and photo.

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