Faces on the Street – Khuri Gang

Khuri Kids, Jaisalmer Jan 2012

We took a day out of our trip to Jaisalmer and spent the day in a tiny village Khuri, which attracts tourists for the sand dunes and camel safari. We stayed with a village family and chose to stay the night in a thatched hut. I will write more on this unique and interesting experience in a follow-up post.

I love how in this group portrait, the kids have their own distinct expressions and manage to convey their individual personalities.

14 thoughts on “Faces on the Street – Khuri Gang

    • Thanks David. I am enjoying this aspect as well but its too early to call it people study yet – but that would definitely be a long term goal.
      “you cannot burn the soul of a person onto your sensor without confronting yourself with humanity” – collecting souls eBook, sums it up

    • Indeed. I am surprised when i look back and see each of those different expressions which I couldn’t see in real time in that quick moment that I pressed the shutter.

      Thank you for dropping by and caring to comment. Hope to see you around

  1. I love their smiles and the naughtiness in almost each of one of them. Childhood is a different kind of fun which nobody can ever forget. And the good thing is, if we are lucky, we live it fully, whether we are aware of that fact or not. :)

    Great photo, Abu! Really liked it. Hope they all keep smiling like this. :)

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