Ships of the desert

Khuri, Jan 2012

taking a break from portraits of people and moving onto those of the real highlight of the desert- the camels in Khuri. If you look carefully between the legs of the camel in front, close to the ground, you can see a white blur in the distance, which is the village where we stayed overnight and where our ride begin. We chose not to do a full camel safari but the thing I miss the most is missing out on doing the ‘sleeping in the desert under the starry skies‘ experience. Instead we stayed in a village hut (thatched roof) and it was beautiful too. I will do a post with photographs and details of that experience very soon. Stay tuned !

FYI: There are still many a few portraits left, and I will come back to it later.

18 thoughts on “Ships of the desert

  1. This is a beautiful shot. Light is fantastic and the composition very strong. I like that you have camels on many planes and you can see the ones behind between the legs of those in front. It tightens the expression and the space. Must have been quite an experience.

    • The light at that hour (or rather few minutes) was indeed golden although there is a bit of post-processing to account for what the camera didn’t/couldn’t capture.

      Thank you for sharing your version of how you see it. It is interesting because when i took this picture my attention was on composing the two standing camels. To give them a bit more aura and stature I went low on the ground and I ignored the position of the one lying one. that is just serendipity :)

    • I am usually shooting landscapes at this hour, so this was a welcome break to photograph portraits of the camels. Part of the reason was also because I chose not to carry my usual heavy-duty DSLR and tripod rig as the sunsets and sunrise are pretty short in this part of the world.

    • yeah they were bathed in the golden light at the time of sunset. It will take me a while to go through my cache, and work is keeping me busy but I will reach to that report some time soon.

  2. beautiful split-complimentary colours and lighting-my only experience with a camel was a ride at the zoo and he crowded my leg against the wall-nasty bruise but it was a fun ride regardless.

    • I am sorry to hear about the bruises and it could be the crowded space of the zoo which possibly had a hand too and I hope this doesnt deter you from trying a ride again , possibly in a more open setting like a desert.

      Thank you for stopping by. Interesting theory on split-complimentary colors that I got to read today :)

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